What is Shop and Ship?

Aramex launched Shop and Ship (www.shopandship.com) in 2000 when the company identified that consumers in the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) were cut off from the benefits of purchasing items from online stores in the USA because of those stores not offering delivery to the MENA countries.

In response to this demand, Aramex opened the New York processing facility. By doing so the Aramex MENA consumers, once registered with Shop and Ship, were given the delivery address of the Aramex New York facility to use as their forwarding address when purchasing items on USA websites.

By providing this service and giving registered customers the Aramex New York delivery address, consumers were able to send their purchased USA online parcels to the Aramex New York facility, where Aramex would recognize their home address and unique mailbox number and send the parcel out directly, to the consumer, through the Aramex International Express network. Essentially, online stores in the USA believe they are delivering these packages to people in the Aramex New York facility, but in fact, the parcels will be re-labelled with an Aramex waybill and shipped to consumers in the MENA countries.

The product proved very successful and is now sold in over 50 countries worldwide.

The Shop and Ship service in South Africa is used strictly for exporting parcels from online retailers in South Africa, designed to make global online shopping more convenient and accessible to consumers abroad. Therefore, if a consumer is sitting in Dubai, they can only use Shop and Ship when buying products online, from online retailers. The ideal South African Shop and Ship Partner would be an online ecommerce that offers merchandise that is unique to South Africa and is proudly South Africa. This service is great for online retailers in South Africa, wanting to expand in the overseas market but are either a bit nervous or unknown on how or where to start.

Once customers registered with Shop and Ship (www.shopandship.com), Global consumers will have access to 32 countries Aramex Hub addresses, one being South Africa, Johannesburg’s. Consumers will also receive a unique Mailbox number. This mailbox number must be included in Address Line 2 when using your Aramex Facility address, as your forwarding address.

The online retailer in South Africa will only be responsible for delivering their shipment to Aramex Johannesburg, with the Shop and Ship Global customers unique mailbox number (i.e. DXB 1234) on the delivery address details. The Global Shop and Ship customer then covers all international shipping and customs if applicable, which will be allocated to their account.