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Aramex Healthcare

For a reliable link between partners and patients, trust Aramex Healthcare Solutions.

Healthcare is a dynamic industry that experiences constant change.

Most recently, a shift toward value-based care, a move toward decreased care in hospital settings, technological advances, and newly introduced biotechnologies has changed the landscape of healthcare as we know it.

Agile and flexible solutions that enable peak optimisation in this highly regulated space are critical. Partners with the same understanding and ethos have become a vital collaborative component of the supply chain.

We have positioned ourselves to assist in managing this complex supply chain with solutions geared to the significant importance of your client relationships and how well their needs are met.

Aramex Healthcare provides peace of mind to our partners and their patients by delivering certainty every step of the way. We appreciate the importance and urgency in the healthcare industry.

For a reliable link between partners and patients, trust Aramex Healthcare Solutions.

Aramex Nursing Fleet

The Aramex nursing fleet is enabling a shift towards decentralised clinical trials!

At Aramex Healthcare, we want to use our experience and expertise in the logistics industry to help facilitate progress in the healthcare industry. Trust our nursing fleet for decentralised trials that are more accessible and reliable!

The Aramex nursing fleet facilitates a more patient-focused approach to clinical trials. Patients aren’t just statistics or data, they are people! A decentralised clinical trial takes the real lives of participants into consideration – those running businesses, working full-time jobs, studying, and raising families.

In other words, the Aramex nursing fleet optimises the clinical trial experience for participants, medical professionals and lab scientists – all without compromising on medical standards.


Aramex, your partner in healthcare.


No child, regardless of their background or ability, deserves to miss out on the carefree joy of being young. Össur was able to help a young boy in St Helena Bay embrace a life without limitations by giving him a fully functional bionic hand to experience and enjoy all the joys of being a young and healthy kid.

One day his bionic arm broke and brought all the fun to a sudden stop. Dedicated to assisting her son, his mom got in touch with the Össur team for help.With Aramex’s logistical support, the bionic hand was picked up, repaired and sent back to the boy – all in only one day!

Aramex Healthcare provides peace of mind to our partners and their patients by delivering certainty every step of the way. We appreciate the importance and urgency in the healthcare industry.
Through all the ups and downs of life, no one should lose time enjoying life! Aramex Healthcare can efficiently connect a patient to the professional solution they need.

Specialty Sectors

Medical Devices & Consumables

Aramex Healthcare offer an end-to-end logistics solution including exports, imports, customs clearance, storage and domestic distribution to hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies and direct-to-patient deliveries. We are registered with SAHPRA to distribute and store any medical devices and fully adhere to GxP. Our specialized consultants will engage with you on a strategic level to develop sustainable and efficient solutions to your logistics needs.

Diagnostic Pathology

At Aramex healthcare solutions we understand the time sensitive nature of transporting human and animal specimen to labs for testing. That is why we operate 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Our specialized approach ensures a seamless collection and delivery process, which is fully visible throughout the logistics chain. At Aramex we provide the peace of mind to the patient by ensuring fast delivery in a time where they need it most.

Diagnostic pathology samples include patient specimens (Human and animal), formalin fixed pathology specimens, infectious, frozen, chilled, histology, cytology and microbiology samples.

Clinical Trials

At Aramex Healthcare we develop tailormade solutions to accommodate the complexity of the Clinical trial supply chain.


The efficacy of most pharmaceutical commodities is heavily reliant on strict temperature control throughout the supply chain. Our active and passive packaging solutions provide full temperature control for your temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals ensuring your shipments are delivered intact. Our active dashboards ensure full visibility for tracing your shipments until it has reached its final destination and our drivers are all equipped with electronic scanners which upload proof of delivery in real time for your convenience.

Compliant Warehousing

Our SAHPRA accredited Aramex warehouse (cnr Avalon and Glastonbury road) is strategically located in Longmeadow in close proximity to the N3 highway, 11kms from the largest airport on the continent, less than 5km from our Aramex distribution hub in Johannesburg and will be at the center of the pristine R84 billion Zendai Modderfontein city development.

We offer full visibility of inventory movements inbound and outbound, EDI integration with customer’s order processing systems and comprehensive reporting on inventory stock levels, expiry dates, space utilization and monthly transactions.

Validated Temperate Controlled Packaging

Temperature control during shipping is critical to prevent any damage to the biological specimens or pharmaceutical materials.

In order to resolve this challenge, Aramex Healthcare solutions includes temperature-controlled boxes and cooling packs to maintain the temperature required from pick-up to delivery.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer a wide range of temperature controlled packaging methods to ensure all shipments are transported within the specified temperature range and arrives intact. We also offer full temperature control reports by use of high tech temp and humidity monitors.

Should the load require a dedicated temperature controlled vehicle we provide this service too.

Yes, our patient centric approach is designed to create a seamless delivery experience for the patient from the comfort of their home. We offer DTP solutions for decentralized clinical trials, medical device fittings in the convenience of the patients home and home based delivery services for medicines and other medical consumables.

Services include:

  • Field nurse delivery and sample collections
  • Decentralized trial management through full functioning app
  • Patient call and confirmation of availability before delivery
  • SMS and Whats app tracking of shipments

Yes, contact our team today for more information on our validated and certified temperature controlled packaging solutions.

  • ISO 9001
  • GDP certified
  • Sahpra licensed
  • GxP compliance

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